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The Good and Bad Decisions of Queen Elizabeth

             Between the years of 1533 and 1603 a beautiful, intelligent, powerful girl was alive. Elizabeth was the III of Henry the VIII's children to rule England. When Elizabeth took the throne after the death of Mary she made many decision's both good, and bad.
             Elizabeth was a strong and fierce girl, and cared greatly about her Country and its people. Her council (Council Of Trent) disagreed with her decision not to go to war, and disobeyed her and went any way. Queen Elizabeth along with not wanting to go to war, didn't want children fighting in the army. Lord Berley and many others were trying to get Queen Elizabeth to get married so that a man could also rule, but she didn't want that, she wanted to rule herself. At a party in honor of Elizabeth getting the throne and rule of England she stopped everyone for a special dance. This dance she decided to choose Lord Robert; her lower class love. Later on Elizabeth fired Lord Berely, she claimed she needs knowone to protect her, she was just like her father, not scared. Elizabeth also decided to set up Lord Nortfork since she know's he's committing treason, and to also kill everyone involved in the skeme after the paper is signed. All was killed except for one, Lord Robert. Elizabeth allowed Robert to live. After all of this Queen Elizabeth makes a different appearance. She cuts her beautiful red hair, and her face was covered with white make up and she simply announces she will rule England alone; she is married to England. .
             There are some different feeling's I have on Queen Elizabeth's decisions. Some are I think at a certain age children should be sent to war, so that they are stronger and less intimidated. I feel ruling herself is hard but if she can handle it I feel that it is a better way too sure. Choosing to dance with Robert was good I feel because she loved him and should be able to have fun. Im not so certain how I feel with firing Lord Berley.

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