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Sir Gawin and the Green Knight

             An anonymous author wrote Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the 14th century. It was written in a dialect from Northern England. The poem uses alliteration similar to the Anglo-Saxon form of poetry. Alliteration uses a repetition of consonants. The poem ends the way it begins. At the end of each scene, the section of the poem concludes with a sharp rhyme. Literature written during the Middle Ages reveals many characteristics of the Romantic Era. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" provides examples of Romanticism such as: a near perfect hero, a test of the hero, and supernatural elements. Many of the Mid-Evil stories expressed specific elements of Romanticism. The reason Sir Gawain is a near perfect hero is because he does not live up to his word. Gawain must give anything that he has won that day to the lord." "On the morning of the third day, the lady not only gives Sir Gawain kisses but also makes him accept a magical green sash." "When the lord returns from the hunt, Sir Gawain gives him the kisses but keeps the sash a secret." When he keeps the sash a secret it shows that he is not a perfect hero. He is scared of dying and he flinches when the ax is brought down to strike him. He has flaws and that is what makes him a near perfect hero.
             King Authur's court is in the midst of a celebration that has taken place for fifteen days. They are celebrating the New Year, and in the middle of their celebration, the Green Knight and his green horse come barging into the hall. Sir Gawain is the youngest knight of the Round Table. He is the only one that volunteers to play the "game" with the Green Knight. The game is that the challenger gets a chance to hit the Green Knight now, but in a year and a day, he must go to the Green Knight's chapel and then the Green Knight will test him and if he fails the tests, the Green Knight will hit him. The Green Knight has no fear, and he even lowers his neck to make it easier for Gawain.

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