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The Reasons For Soviet Union

            In 1991 the world's the greatest socialist empire was collapsed and from these lands,which had .
             been ruled for over seventy-year by dictators and nomenklatura, fifteen seperate and fully free countries rised.This .
             collapse was celebrated by all the Western countries because they thought that they did this .
             collapse,they were the reason for this monumental failure.But they were faulty,U.S.S.R didn't collapse because .
             of the West,it collapsed because of its bad foundation,and its internal problems.The problems and system had been the .
             cause of the one's own downfall.But West only affected the accelaration of the collapse.I will argue and show how .
             poverty and economical problems ,lack of freedom and despotism affected the collapse as internal reasons and the .
             location of west on this reasons as a destructive.
             In U.S.S.R because of communist regime there was no unemployment and also there was free education,health .
             care and transportation.Maybe the majority of people think that a country's citizens which are having these privileges .
             cannot be in poverty.But in U.S.S.R they were.Being unemployment was forbidden and State was giving jobs,that had .
             no meaning and did nothing,to citizens because of laws.This jobs were a burden to economy,and from these jobs State .
             couldn't get any production or profit.Also as told by Maynard in his article,Karl Marx's economic policy,also .
             communism is based on this policy,killed the middle producer class and the entrepreneurs but with this policy .
             governors raise their potency over the 'proletariat.(S.U Collapsed On Its Own,23).The effects of the policy were no .
             production, no new investments on new industries but big economical loses for state.Therefore there was a huge .
             poverty in S.U. and in my opinion this poverty infuriated folk and the nations' desires to freedom and wealth.Also .
             addition to this economical problems,entering an armananent race with U.S.(S.D.I) made a big extra burden to economy .

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