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Speech Critique

            On February 5, 2003, I went to the OMSI Museum to listen to a speech presented by the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). It was the "kick off event" for their month of lectures on brain awareness. The speaker was Robert Sapolsky, Ph.D. from Stanford University. His speech was called, "It's a jungle in there. What the wild kingdom can teach us about healthy brains." My overall impression of the speech was that he did a great job with relating the stress to the brain. His transitions made everything go smoothly and powerfully. .
             The concept of speech, may it be public or not, "offers personal, professional, and public benefits for the individual." Pg. 19. We can benefit from the knowledge gained by bringing it into our future job and relationships. It can increase our learning power and enable us to hold more information. In regards to this class SP 111, we focus on Public Speaking. The knowledge that this style of speech brings is confidence in ones self-worth, excellent communication skills that can "increase your chances of getting a job and binding people into groups and propelling social movement and social change." Pg. 19. A public speech needs to give/have a thesis, organizational structure (introduction, body, and conclusion), supporting material, good delivery and good language. Thus, "the process of developing and delivering a public speech requires you to sharpen and use eight categories of critical thinking skills; focusing, information, remembering, organizing, analyzing, generating, integrating, and evaluating". Pg. 19. These aspects can create a powerful and moving speech. As you proceed to the next few paragraphs, I will be critiquing the speech I witnessed. .
             The speaker, Robert Sapolsky, Ph.D. began his speech with an incredible, inviting introduction. He grabbed our attention from the very beginning by saying, "How many of you have a history of cancer or high blood pressure in your family? Please dont be shy, raise your Hands.

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