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Contrast the leadership styles of Jack and Ralph

            In the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Jack, represents the hidden evil. While Ralph, his rival on the island represents civilization and common sense. Ralph is an embodiment of democracy and is willing to be a leader but knows that it's important for each of the boys to be able to speak their mind. I f I was a boy on the island I would choose to follow Ralph over Jack because he is more of an adult figure than Jack. He makes sure that what is needed to be is done and not just having fun.
             The first conflict between Ralph and Jack arose when Ralph was elected as the chief, "the one who decides things". Things changed soon after Ralph became chief. Ralph foolishly appointed Jack as chief of the hunters, thus creating a rival for his power. Ralph opinion was that fire was the most essential thing on the island therefore when Jack and his group had neglected the fire and let a ship pass them by, he became angry because there was no signal that could have got them possibly rescued.
             Ralph spoke." You let the fire out." Jack checked, vaguely irritated by this irrelevance .
             but too happy to let it worry him. .
             "We can light the fire again.".
             For Ralph and his followers, the only way how to get rescued was to keep the fire burning. Therefore, Ralph tried to enforce the superiority of the fire onto the others. Ralph, and his clan, believed in governing the island through democracy. From the quick decisions he made as Chief near the beginning of the novel, it could be seen that Ralph was well organized. Gradually, Ralph became confused and began to lose clarity in his thoughts and speeches.
             "Ralph was puzzled by the shutter that flickered in his brain. There was something he wanted to say; then the shutter had come down." (p. 156).
             Ralph continued to stress the importance of the fire at the mountaintop. He also tried to re-establish the organization that had helped to keep the island clean and free of potential fire hazards.

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