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Summary of section 2 in Wide Sargasso Sea

             In this chapter we are given and insight to Antoinette's new life at the Convent in Spanish Town (a new environment) as well and a description of the students, teachers and the area.
             The events of the night have left Antoinette ill and she awakes six- weeks later after the fire at Coulibri Estate. She finds herself in Spanish Town with Aunt Cora who informs Antoinette that she was extremely ill, and gives us a run down of how exactly they escaped. Antoinette soon learns of Pierre's death, which was as a result of the fire as well as the location of her mother. Antoinette has remembered her mother screaming "Qui est la?" and threatening that if touched by Mr. Mason she would kill him. Aunt Cora can be thought of as Antoinette surrogate mother as well. .
             When Antoinette goes to visit her mother with Christophine, she expects the worst ("she was part of Coulibri, that had gone, so she had gone, I was certain of it") Antoinette could not clearly recognize her mother but was convinced that it was her because of her hair and the dress she wore. Antoinette being overjoyed hugs her mother and kisses her. He mother does the same in return. Annette informs Antoinette that she misses Pierre and Antoinette tries to comfort her by telling her "But I am here, I am here." However before Antoinette knows it she is being flung off her mother and falls against the partition and hurts herself.
             Aunt Cora can be thought of as Antoinette surrogate mother as well. She is the first representation of family nurturing in Antoinette's life and the first person other than Christophine to take care of Antoinette and show her motherly love. .
             Antoinette has to enroll in a convent school in Spanish Town because Aunt Cora is going to England for a short while. She does not want to leave Aunt Cora but forces herself to do so. On her way to the convent she is criticized, bullied and ridiculed by a boy and girl who she describes (pg.

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