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The Walrus and the Carpenter analysis

             The paths we choose to walk are diverse. They may end in good or bad scenarios, depending on the informed or uninformed choices that we make. As we have all heard, "Life is what you make of it". This saying is sure, and worthy of full acceptance, yet, what we make of life, may depend upon the hand we are dealt, or the peers we surround ourselves with. .
             In this poem we see the respect for age and age related wisdom. This wisdom is divided, as we see, into wisdom associated with group-oriented knowledge, as the Old oyster exerts, or should be able to exert over the young oysters. Although he had knowledge and wisdom, which should have been respected and obeyed, he was ignored. Through his life's experiences he knew the promises of the Carpenter and the Walrus were void of substance and that something was amiss. The young, fat oysters fell prey to deception because they saw that the Walrus and the Carpenter were having a joyous time just being giddy, and wanted to get out of the old oyster bed. They didn't want to lead the .
             boring life that they were destined to lead, they wanted to venture off and find new exciting things. They chose to walk the unknown path to a better way of life, or so they thought.
             Upon their way to their destination, the Walrus and the Carpenter kept filling their heads with nonsense. The naive oysters thought the Walrus was befriending them, so they kept on their merry way. When they reached their destination, they Walrus sent the Carpenter to prepare some food. They filled the oysters with bread to fatten them, and the oysters began to realize the objective of their trip. With tears in their eyes they realized how naive they had been, and the trail of deception they had chosen to follow. .
             As we have all done, the oysters made a bad decision. They believed what they wanted to believe, instead of using wisdom to decide. People are often suede by the peer pressure of others, and give into deception.

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