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            "Indoctrination," as Coles, states in his examination of ideology and nationalism in Nicaragua becomes the biggest, yet main argument whether or not he believes the children and people in Nicaragua were "brainwashed" into believing that Nicaragua is a great empire on the rise and that the United States was its foe in government affairs. While interviewing with several children of Nicaragua he quickly realizes that the children have been taught and rehearsed answers to questions that may come about in their lives. When Coles realizes this he is faced with the question, " Do American children, do my children, did I as a child, learn in a similar vein implicitly political stereotypic notions?" (30), he questions if government has influence on the school system in America the same way the government in Nicaragua does.
             In ways, it is safe to say that American children do learn the same as Nicaraguan children do. America is powerful, and that through struggles and many deaths, we as Americans became the best. In elementary school, the Pledge of Allegiance is taught and rehearsed on a daily basis. " .and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all". This can be considered to be a way that when taught at a young age, we as America's youth, are indoctrinated to believe in our nation as the superior nation to all. We have been told over and over to believe this not only in school but also in certain occupations. For example, the military. When I was on active duty in the Marines, as Americas 911 force we were, "rehearsed", or "indoctrinated" to believe we are the greatest and the best the world has to offer in military tactics, intelligence and most importantly, pride and patriotism in one's nation. We were taught on a regular basis Marine Corps history and tradition to better understand why America was the best and strongest.

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