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Ecological Flight

             Mention the word earthquake to a Californian and it will bring fear to his eyes. Every year, hundreds of minor earthquakes occur on the West Coast leading residents .
             to believe the "Big One" is coming. Through a thorough examination of California's major faults in general, and plate tectonics, fault types, and other types of hazards .
             that do not really make too much sense to the average person as myself, one might develop a better understanding of this natural disaster. A very simple definition of an .
             earthquake is the shaking of the earth. It's a scary thought to think that California will someday break apart of the United States. There really isn't a sure way of .
             knowing exactly what will happen when "the big one" as many refer to it, finally hits. If anything at all, a major earthquake sould be reason enough to cause a major .
             ecological flight for Californian's.
             The little that we do know thanks to geology classes is that there are seven major plates of the Earth, some are very large and some are very small. These plates .
             seem to be moving in all different directions and speeds. The plates will have one of the three types of plate boundaries. Either the divergent, convergent, or strike-.
             slip. The divergent boundary occurs at a midocean ridge, in which they move apart from one another. When the plates come together at a trench the boundary is called .
             convergent. Boundaries formed by a lateral fault are the strike-slip boundaries. These two plates will slip and grind past each other. One of the most famous strike-slip .
             boundaries is the San Andreas Fault in California. On the west, the Pacific plate is slowly grinding northwest while the plate on the east, the North American plate, is .
             sliding west. By the 1960's it became obvious that the Earth was far more dynamic then ever imagined. What could "Transfer of Energy", or the heating and cooling of the .
             Earth, have anything to do with plate tectonics? In plate tectonics as you know there are many lithosphereic plates.

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