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Creation Stories and Their Comparisons to the Biblical Creat

            This essay is about three different creation stories from the Australian aborigines, American Indians, and African natives, as told by their respective tribal leaders. After recounting these creation stories, I will write about the true biblical account of creation as found in Genesis chapters 1-2. Then by comparing the three creation stories to the true biblical account of creation, we will see first the similarities between them and secondly the differences between them. .
             The first creation story I will write about is the Australian aborigine legend of how their world came into existence. Baiame created the earth, the plants, trees, rocks, mountains, and animals. Baiame, lord of the earth, walked upon the earth he had made, passing through the plants and walking among the animals, then Baiame created a man and a woman to rule over them. He made the man and the woman from the dust of the ridges and thus said unto them, "Here are the plants you shall eat, these and these, but you may not eat the animals I have created." After placing them in a good and beautiful place, Baiame, the all-father and lord of the earth, departed.
             The next story of creation comes from the North American Chinook tribe that lives along the coast of British Colombia. Talapas, the creator, gave life to the surface of the earth, and the plants, the mountains, and the great cedar trees grew in abundance. Later Talapas placed the animal forms of all the totem spirits onto the surface of mother earth, and they prospered and grew in numbers. Then Talapas told T'soona the thunderbird to take the special eggs from Otelagh, the sun, and place them place them on the top of Kaheese, the mountain near Kakitlwimakl, the Columbia river. T'soona did as Talapas had instructed. When T'soona was gone the Old Giantess, not wanting any of the eggs to hatch, began to break them. While she was breaking the eggs, the vengeful Spirit Bird quickly descended upon the Old Giantess, killing her with fire for her injustice.

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