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Genetic Research Will Improve Health Care

            Computers, telecommunications, and robotics may take medicine to places that are not even dreamed of. Since the early 1970's scientific discoveries have turned biology from being a disciple dedicated to the passive study of life into one that can alter life at will. "Biologist today believe that tinkering with people's genes.They will eventually be able to eliminate most of the diseases that now plague the world" "The Economist 35-36". In years to come, such combinations may seem modest, as scientists start work on improving a persons genetic formula. Genetic research will improve the equality of health care because it will help eliminate many of our plaque diseases. .
             Genetic research is a scientist's dream come true. Scientist discovered what they believe to be the genetic causes of a wide range of diseases and conditions ranging from cancer to alcoholism. The discovery of which gene is responsible for a specific disease or condition is an enormous discovery. Since this discovery was made, it has opened doors for many physicians. This is now allowing them to create tests to identify individuals who are carriers of a disease causing gene. This information will allow physicians to treat or perhaps cure the disease before it endangers the patients life.
             Thomas F. Lee, the author of Gene Future: The Promise and Perils of the New Biology, describe the two types of gene therapy:.
             1. Somatic-cell gene therapy aims at introducing genes into some of the somatic(meaning pertaining to the body) cells correct a genetic defect.
             2. Germ-line gene therapy would result in the correction of the genetic problem in single reproductive cells so that it would not be passed on to his or her children.
             Even though germ-line gene therapy is not a reality, According to Lee, researchers are currently attempting to develop somatic-cell gene therapies for a variety of genetic disorders, including cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and AIDS.

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