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Shakespeares definition of love in sonnets 18 and 130

             - Deep affection and warm feeling for another.
             - A quality that pleases or delights the senses or mind.
             This paper is focuses on the definition of Love in sonnets 18 and 130 by William Shakespeare. In the society we live in today, the true meaning of Love gets lost and the world confuses it with so many other things. Shakespeare had the right idea all along. This paper shows that the definition of Love according to these two poems is, inner beauty. This paper will first talk about sonnet 18, and break it down to its true meaning, then do the same to sonnet 130. And then at the end, I"ll bring it all together to show Shakespeare's true meaning of Love.
             In sonnet 18 Shakespeare talks about things such as time, age, and something that conquers all, an "inner beauty". This is sonnet 18 paraphrased by Alphonso Alvarez.
             Shall I Compare you to a Summer's Day?.
             You are more lovely and more delightful:.
             Rough winds shake the much loved buds of May.
             And Summer is far too short:.
             At times the sun is too hot,.
             Or often goes behind the clouds;.
             And everything that is beautiful will lose its beauty.
             By Chance or by nature's planned out course;.
             But your youth shall not fade,.
             Nor lose the Beauty that you possess;.
             Nor will death claim you for his own,.
             Because in my eternal verse you will live forever:.
             So long as there are people on this earth,.
             So long will this poem live on, giving you immortality.
             Shakespeare is in Love with someone who is always beautiful no matter what circumstance or issue they are going through. He tries to compare this person to summer but summer is not as beautiful as the person. This person in Shakespeare's eyes will never grow old and ugly and not even death can say that this person is near to it. He asks if he should compare the person to a summer's day but ends up not doing so realizing that the person is greater than a summer's day. This question is comparing the person to the summer time of the year.

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