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The Philosophies of Niccolo Machiavelli

            The Philosophies of Niccolo Machiavelli.
             I significantly agree with Machiavelli's philosophies. Three of Machiavelli's beliefs are it is better to be feared than loved when you are any kind of ruler. Another one is that politicians in general are deceitful, fickle, and ungrateful. Finally, where there is no court of appeal, the end is all that counts.
             Many have wondered the answer to this simple-looking question. Is it better to be feared than loved when you are a leader? According to Niccolo Machiavelli, the answer is it is better to be feared rather than loved. This is true because if you are feared no one will try to overthrow or conquer you, con you into something that is wrong, or even talk to you (depending on how feared you are). If you think about a few of the rulers in the past century, you can easily recognize the truth to this matter. President Kennedy was probably one of the most loved presidents ever, and he got assassinated. Now, Fidel Castro, of cuba, is one of the most feared leaders, he still remains in office to this day, no matter how cruel he has been.
             It has been displayed time and time again how deceitful, ungrateful and fickle politicians really are. This philosophy is very factual because politicians have a reputation of being liars, breaking promises, and sometimes getting away with theft. Although, Machiavelli said that it is very important for them to be that way because it gets the politician elected, and keeps them in power. So, even today's politicians still follow Maciavelli's advice.
             Last but not least, a very ponderous thought has been acknowledged. Where there is no court of appeal, the end is all that counts. Machiavelli's view means that, perhaps, if there is no argument of how you become leader, then all that matters is that you became leader. For example, if you win a race, no one cares about the preparation you did to win. All they care about is that you won the race.

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