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Federalist No. 10 and 51

             10, James Madison discussed little bit about factions of the republican government and continued to discuss about them in the Federalist No. 51. The Federalist No. 51 mainly discusses about how to control factions in the republican government as well as how and why the power of government must be separate. According to the Federalist No. 51, there were few reasons that factions had to be controlled by government. One of the reason was that if the majority, the faction which has stronger power in the society or government, is not controlled by the republican government, some individuals with weaker power or minority will feel insecure and be oppressed.
             To prevent this incident Madison provided two methods in the Federalist No. 51.
             First, create separate departments in the government. Madison thought it would make them to guard other faction as well as themselves. This will double the security of government.
             Second, the government should guard the weaker faction. If the government do not guard the weaker faction, then the majority would rule over them and they would run the government by themselves with their own ideas. But by guarding minority, the majority is not able to dictate the government because the minority have some powers in government also. The government could guard the minority by creating a will among the majority and minority so they could be combined and comprehend each other even thou it seems impossible.
             In the America, the government still have problems with the controlling majority and minority. However, by creating separate departments in the government and guarding the weaker faction, gives the government to manage each factions. The idea of Madison still exists within our government.

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