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Song of Solomon

            The Song of Solomon is a novel written by Toni Morrison (Chloe Anthony Wofford) in 1977. It evolved from the grief she had over the death of her father. Ms. Morrison grew up in a time where there was noticeable hostility and racism towards black people. She learned early on that to be able to survive she had develop a strong personality. She wrote Song of Solomon as a warning to the young black men trying to survive in the "white world". Their downwards spiraling will lead to the death of their own spiritual and moral character. The people in Milkman's life helped to form his character and through life experiences, he was able to decide what kind of person he wanted to be.
             Macon Dead Jr. is Milkman's father who purpose in life is to gain as much money and material possessions as possible before he dies. He is a wealthy black business man and the husband of Ruth, Milkman's mother. Macon is an unfeeling, manipulative and dominating man. He thinks of Milkman as being another one of his possessions. .
             Macon Dead Jr. is a wealthy business man. He wants his son to take over his business, in the future, but this is not in Milkman's plans. "You"ll be free. Money is freedom, Macon. The only real freedom there is." Macon Jr. has not realized that his son is not about getting rich.
             Guitar Bains is Milkman's best friend and confidant who shows Milkman the real world and its problems. He meets Milkman when he was seventeen years old, five years older than Milkman. He was a member of a political group called Seven Days. "You can stop them from killing us, from trying to get rid of us. And each time they succeed, they get rid of five of seven generations." The Seven Days only purpose is to murder a white person for every black person murdered in the same manner of death. .
             Pilate Dead is Milkman's aunt and his father's estranged sister who's unconditional love has caused changes in Milkman's character. She is the grandmother of Hagar, Milkman's lover.

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