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The Pearl

             Steinbeck uses a specific plot structure in The Pearl. The exposition establishes setting, characters, and an initial incident. In the exposition of The Pearl, Steinbeck shows many key elements with one event. When Coyotito, Kino's child is stung by the scorpion, the author shows an important symbol, which lays the groundwork for a multitude of things to come. The rising action introduces the antagonist and brings conflict to The Pearl. After Kino finds the pearl, many neutral characters become antagonists, due to the greedy nature of man. An example of this is when the doctor first refuses to help heal Kino's son Coyotito of his scorpion sting, but as soon as he realizes what he may gain by having his Fathers favor, he rushes to the child's aid. The Priest, who epitomizes virtue and good nature, also becomes an antagonist at this point. He also attempts to become closer to Kino and his family, realizing the importance of the fisherman's find. The climax is the peak of excitement and the turning point of the novel, in The Pearl this is when Coyotito is shot accidentally by the Trackers. Coyotito, too young to realize the danger of the situation was an innocent casualty of the destructive nature of greed. As tragic as this incident is, it was foreshadowed when the villagers said that the power of the pearl was likely to break up Kino's family. After the infant's death, all evil was finally exposed and the truth about man's nature was clear to all. This goes to show that even good men can be corrupted and demonized by the power of greed. .

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