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Do Pop Idols Make Good Role Models

             If I were to really think this question really thoroughly my answer would lean to the no part because if you really think about it, are pop idols even real people and do they even show they"re true identity or do they show what the pop world has made them out to be?.
             If we really look at pop idols are they really who we think they are? Well, you"ll probably answer with a yes because magazines supposedly have recorded and taped them without them knowing. But maybe the always know they"re in the public eye and never act themselves. These pop stars influence young children and teenagers very heavily and there so-called idols may be fictional people.
             Looking at pop idols today you obviously get the few exceptional very different pop idols that are an actual real inspiration and make a huge difference to today's youth. But these pop idols are very rare such and you do not find many of them. An example of a pop idol that achieves this is Eminem because instead of rapping and producing music that he is told too he produces what he wants and feels that he should produce. He makes music that has not been processed by the music industry but is fresh cut and to the chase. It's very different because he talks about the world as it really is and not as a place full of love and nourishment because in the real outer world we know that this is not what it's really like. .
             Looking at most pop idols that are females we see perfect faces and bodies. Our first thought is envy. Teenagers want to be and look like these pop idols because in one word to them they are "perfect". Admiring a pop idol can go to some extent because some teenagers take it out of hand and go to big extremes into looking like them. They start to diet, not eat, think of getting plastic surgery and change themselves from whom they really are. This is obviously not a healthy way to thinking into life but by having these beautiful pop idols that all teenage girls want to be like this well never end.

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