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             In today's society people are bombarded with thousands of advertisements. Whether it's billboards, letters or magazines, you can't escape the long arm of advertisement. The most influential medium for this pervasive onslaught has to be the television. In an article I read called "Selling Discontent, " by Anna White she points out that Americans are targeted with over three-thousand commercial advertisements each day. I found it disturbing how much companies are spending to make consumers feel dissatisfied. The effect of this is that consumers want to go out and buy things they don't have and don't need. Everyday we see meaningless advertisements that are not actually appealing . But out of the millions of ads, there is always one that does appeal and this is because the ad has hit a certain target. .
             Do you ever wonder when you get a phone call or read through your mail how companies seem to know a lot about you or what your interests are? This is because when ever you send out information, for example like a rebate or warranties for electronics or computers, marketers will use all this information a way of advertisement in the future. Now the companies will have the upper hand of what kind of material things to target us with. So I read through a couple of different magazines I have and looked for an advertisement that caught my eye. I found a advertisement for the brand cigarettes called "Natural American Spirit!" This advertisement has to be something I would have to like or dislike, and to study it. So I can learn how it has a effect on people and what kind of language they might be using. Also further in my analysis I will be determining the underlying message of the article. .
             In my analysis I"m going to examine a cigarette ad, that I found in a magazine called "Stuff." When I first looked at this ad they made the page look like an old brown reward paper with big ,black ,bold letters saying the words " WANTED: SMOKERS!" .

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