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A Terrible essay on Chronicles of a Death Foretold

            In Chronicles of a Death Foretold the society has all but no religion, the danger of this is seen as the people are forced to come up with their moral codes, which often place a less important price on human life. .
             The book, Chronicles of a Death Foretold, says that bishop hated the society. This symbolizes the lack of religion present in the society. Thus the people were less exposed to the dogma of the religion. Religion provides people with a clear purpose and morality, which they are excepted to follow. When religion is absent a people are forced to think for themselves and determine their own moral standards.
             Since the town had no governing religion they had to come up with their own moral code. The people needed a clear purpose, which they are lacking as a result of very little religion. The people see protecting their family's honor and continuing the family name as all-important. Thus their code put it's importance on honor and the people would do anything to protect their family's honor. The same is true in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" as Hamlet, Fortnibras, and Laertes all are forced to kill to maintain their families" honor.
             History shows us that codes set in place only to govern are more effective but place a much lower price on human life. For example, Hamurabi's Code was set up, as an eye for an eye, the Jewish Code governing at the same time was similar put a much higher cost on human life. In America, if someone commits a crime terrible enough it is quite possible they will receive the death penalty. When in many countries with theocracies the death penalty is nonexistent. The same is also true in Chronicle of a Death Foretold as the society set up it's codes merely to govern and not to respect human life. In the society death was purposely acceptable if it is for honor, "The lawyer stood by the thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor." In "A Rose for Emily", the people of the village were annoyed by Emily and her actions but refused to address her as they not only respected her life, but her feelings.

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