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Bittersweet Fury

            The movie title "Grapes of Wrath", based on the novel by John Steinbeck, holds much meaning. Grapes are known to be bitter yet plentiful and sweet. Wrath is well known for fury and passion. "The Grapes of Wrath" represent the sweet dreams many reach for and the hidden consequences under that skin of beauty. "The Grapes of Wrath" tells a story of spirit, strength, and unity the Joad family needs in order to live through the fury of their journey to reach their dreams. Throughout the movie the characters themselves represent these characteristics and show us truly what "The Grapes of Wrath" stands for.
             The Joad family set out on a journey not knowing what to look for like many historians of the past. For example when Columbus set out to explore that new land he had know idea what he was going to have to go through to get to it and what he would find when he got there. The Joad family expected to travel West in search for their dreams yet didn"t realize the turmoil they would have to go through. It was important to have high spirits in order to overcome such adversity. Casey and Tom were the families" spirit, keeping them moving at all the times. Casey with his faith and Christ-like nature and goal to rejuvenate the family's soul at all times. Tom started to follow in Casey's footsteps. Tom once was selfish yet grew to become only concerned with the welfare of his family and others. .
             A few of the elders represented the strength of the family and made some good points throughout the film. Even though Grandpa wasn"t a very large character he made clear statements of what the title meant and stood for. He kept mentioning how the grapes were of plenty and what they were to do with them when they got to California. This suggests the contentment, freedom, and the goal for which the Joad family strives. It is shown that no matter how nice everything seems in California, the truth is that its beauty is only skin deep.

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