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The Effects of Television on Society

            Television has had a big impact in mass communication over the decades. It has brought many things to many different people a better way of life, laughter, joy, pain and education. So many different things to every viewer who has had the chance of experiencing watching television. As far as communication television is one of the prime factors in today's society. So far television has replaced all other mass media productions. Television started coming to life around the late 1920's while the film industry was working on ways to add picture to sound. There were two inventors busy with the idea of how to produce electrical television. Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin being two very opposite individuals perfected the television camera tube also know as the Iconoscope (from the Greek, "image""). Meanwhile Farnsworth, in 1922 at the age of sixteen had an idea for a television on the chalkboard. The television probably would have progressed a lot faster but early television had problems to oversee. Because of the War FCC put a freeze on the new T.V. stations and the efforts that were made got redirected from the radar. However after peace was returned in the year of 1945 all of the new technology that had been invented during the war was applied to the production of the television industry. The structure of the television came soon after the radio and now filling the homes of communities were the four early T.V. stations: CBS, NBC, ABC, and a station called DuMont which was a smaller T.V. network and went out of business in 1956. In the 1950's the introduction of color television took place and people also got to see the early networks rise to a very big importance to the programming network. Also came about in the 1950's were the golden ages of television when T.V. was the variety show this format marked the return of the entertainment style. By the 1960's television started becoming a part of everyday life.

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