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Catcher in the Rye

             Salinger novel "The Catcher in the Rye" is a timeless story of Holden Caulfield, a young boy struggling to find his own identity in a world that seems to be against him. I chose this novel because the main character, Holden, possesses many characteristics that easily connect him to any typical teenager alive today. His actions, thoughts, and dialog are those that any teen can easily relate with. From religion, parents, and friends to sex, drugs, and life in general--all are topics that anyone in their teens can discuss and relate to in a manner of strong opinion. After all, everyone in their life was or.
             will be a teenager at some point.
             While reading the novel, I found the most obvious characteristic of Holden along with many teens is the struggle and desire for independence. Throughout the novel, Holden is not once captured wishing to have help from his parents in any way. Being kicked out of school after school, Holden has practically lived his entire life in dorms or on the streets. This has helped him develop basic qualities for being self-sufficient and able to live on his own. Every teen tries, in one way or another, to be independent. Holden is the person of this fact. .
             Another shared characteristic of Holden and other teens would be the broad subject of sex. "In my mind, I"m the biggest sex maniac you ever saw. Sometimes I can think of very crummy stuff I wouldn"t mind doing if the opportunity come up." (p. 62) Holden openly admits he is a virgin, but he still has encounters associated with sexual activity. At one point he gets a prostitute while staying at a hotel, but he never sleeps with her. Teens want to experience and experiment with sex, and even if they choose to remain abstinent until marriage, they will fantasize about it. Yet, another similarity between the main character and most teens.
             Holden has many questions concerning religion. He says that he, in some ways, is an "atheist.

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