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Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant

            Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant.
             As I walked to the door of the conference room, I thought to myself, "Wow, I am off to a tough start." My brain was in information overload, but I had to produce, I could not fail at my first assignment as an Executive Assistant.
             I made my way back to my office, the-desk- and sat down to write down the problems as I understood them.
             The first, staff members not providing the medical services to patients on grounds that they infringe too far into their religious beliefs. My first thought is, how in the world can you let your personal feeling get in the way of providing medical care to someone who needs it? Especially if it is part of your job, not simply because we work in a hospital, but because we work in a hospital and we are here to help people.
             The second thing I noted was the there are patient who are refusing certain medical services. I can just see it now, an elderly woman refusing to let a young male doctor do a breast examination. I can certainly understand being shy.
             Another big issue is the Do Not Resuscitate order. I am not sure how I really feel about this. I really feel like the patients rights should come before anything else, but I also understand our staff members feeling like they must do all they can to save lives. To make matters worse, there are times when the families of the patients jump in and ask that the hospital ignore the Do Not Resuscitate orders.
             We also have pharmacists who are helping people out of the goodness of their hearts and to the distress of the hospital's wallet, they are providing prescriptions to uninsured patients and accepting an on the spot payment plan. And we wonder why the cost of prescription drugs is on the rise.
             Our counseling staff has been found to be offering its services for free as well. If we are in the position to demand a 15% decrease in our fixed costs, this in not the way.

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