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A Clockwork Orange

             In the novel, A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess Alex is a teenager who decides to partake in many delinquent activities. Alex runs around the city with his droogs speaking Nasdat. It is a language with a Russian basis along with some invented slang words. Alex and his gang participate in their own lawlessness, beating up anyone they want as well as ingesting milk laced with drugs. Although Alex possesses evil characteristics, one thing he does enjoy is classical music. Classical music is one of Alex's passions and when he hears it he gets a violent urge to do something evil. This may be a reason that Alex enjoys it so much. Eventually Alex gets caught and is imprisoned for his crimes. To get out of jail as soon as possible, he volunteers himself to be participate in experiment called "Ludovico's Technique". This experiment brainwashes Alex to avoid evil tendencies by causing him to suffer every time he has an evil thought. He is released into society where his choice to do evil or good is hindered. Alex is character who experiences good and evil, but through these encounters the reader is showed that moral freedom is more important than anything else.
             The criminal acts of violence and rape in the novel show how Alex decides to choose evil instead of good. Alex is a smart teenager who plays the leadership role in his gang. He is educated on many things such as his sophisticated love for Ludwig van Beethoven. His passion for Beethoven parallels his desire for crime. Nightly, Alex and his droogs go out and drink moloko (milk) laced with drugs. They find pleasure in causing pain to innocent people. For example, on one night they steal a car and Alex drives them to a house where they barge into the house and rape and traumatize the couple inside the house. They also beat up a homeless person for their personal enjoyment. Alex demonstrates his leadership role by explaining that every group needs a leader and he is there to fulfill that role.

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