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A Model Student

             What is a model student and how can one achieve the status of a model student? Well, the goal I want to achieve as a University of Phoenix student to reach model student status.
             Personal Goals.
             To achieve model student status, one must first be present. A student can't possibly be aware of what assignments are to be done, how the instructor wants them to be done, and when they are due. Most important, one cannot take advantage of the vast array of knowledge the University of Phoenix has to offer if one is not present. This is just one way to achieve model student status.
             Another way I can achieve the status of model student is to participate in class-room discussions. Don't just be bumps on a log. Join in the discussion. Everyone can benefit when this happens. Not only can you learn from others but also others can learn from you. So, why not share your knowledge? Everyone has some.
             My mother always told me "Eat your vegetables." I always preferred the meat and desert. Vegetables didn't always taste good but they are always good for your health, an essential part of your diet. Vegetables are workshops or weekly assignments. Event though, as students of the University of Phoenix, we may rather sleep, play, shop, or do whatever we do for fun, workshops are an essential part of our U. O. P. (Uni-versity of Phoenix) diet. They serve as hands on practice for us. We all have heard the phrase "Practice Makes Perfect." Well, its true and once we do the workshops that are instructed, we are the better for it. Yes, this is yet another way to achieve model student status.
             No one wants to be left out, not informed, or out of the loop. Attending group meetings prevents this. If there is an instruction you did not quite understand, attending group meetings will help. If there is an assignment that is to be divided between your group members, how are you going to know which part you are to do? Group meetings will help.

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