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Supernatural in Julius Caesar

             William Shakespeare wrote many plays that contain signs of superstition.
             his best work was displayed in the popular play "Julius Caesar". In the US today statistics.
             show that several people don't tend to look for superstition or anything out of the ordinary.
             in that matter in plays unless they are actually trying to locate it for a term paper. Many.
             people might accidentally read right over intimations without knowing that they did at all. .
             Taking that into consideration, this essay is met to educate those that couldn't find the.
             clues in the first 5 of 6 attempts. This essay will to try to point out and explain the many.
             supernatural and paranormal events which were considered oninous during his time.
             In the play, there were countless times that superstition was shown through signs. .
             When people say signs, they mean the events or occurrences that people see that they try.
             to link that to the work of the devil. For example, "Cassius uses the unusual weather to.
             reason that it is only for evil men (such as Caesar) who had to be arrade." (Internet 6) .
             This shows that the sign is the unusual weather that blew in that day. This is because that.
             Cassius believes that the weather was caused by Caesar. Which he also believes that the.
             work that Caesar does, well everything that he does is evil in some way. This sign was.
             not very obvious but it was present. That is for those that set and said that they couldn't.
             find any events. As a result, the sign was shown through the unusual weather pattern that.
             There were more signs that were shown in the play that were supernatural. For.
             example, "This morning are they fled away and sore and in their steads do ravens, crows,.
             and kites." (McMurtry 73) This shows that the sighting of those choice birds was the.
             supernatural sign. Most think that these birds bring misfortune, doom, or bad luck to.
             those in the area that they are in. This is because that crows normally fly around things.

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