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Kings As Philosophers

            Until philosophers rule as kings in cities or those who are now kings called kings and leading men genuinely and adequately philosophize?(or else) cities will have no rest from evils'the constitution we?ve been describing in theory will never be born to the fullest extent possible or see the light of the sun (473d-473f).? Socrates says this while defending the facets of an ideal city in Book V of the Republic by Plato. In stating this, Socrates puts himself in peril of bearing the harsh condemnation of the rulers of his city. He must bolster his view immediately. In rationalizing his accounts of this perfect city, Socrates describes what a true philosopher is, why they should be kings, why they are not kings and what kind of education they must have. He uses several images in doing so. Although his view is quite contentious for this period in Ancient Greece, and even now, it not only makes perfect sense, he presents it in an intelligible and convincing manner. However, as compelling, clever, and unchanging with time as it is, obtaining this state is exceedingly implausible because it is far too bold. It means stepping out of the traditional way of governing, into a revolutionary one. .
             Socrates asserts that the philosopher king is necessary in the hypothetical model of the ideal city. Nonetheless, he points out that there are true philosophers and amateur philosophers. Of course, Socrates thinks that only the true philosopher is suitable for king-man ship. A true philosopher is a follower of wisdom and knowledge. Since they love these things, Socrates? belief is that, just as other sorts of lovers, he uses the example of a lover of wine (474a), philosophers yearn for possession of thewhole?, not just part of it.They love all such learning and are not willing to give up any part of it, whether large or small, more valuable or less so .
             Angie Anderson Page 2.
             (485b).? This is what characterizes true philosophers from amateur ones.

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