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Homosexual Marraige

             The topic of homosexuality is something that has given a rise to much controversy over the years. Many of the people that are in favor of equal rights for homosexuals are the ones that don't believe they should be united in marriage. This may be because many people don't understand what homosexuality really is, and this stems from all the stereotypes. People who are heterosexual should not care how homosexuals choose to live their lives. The argument behind this rests on the reasons why they marry, how this marriage affects family life and the children, and why people are opposed to homosexual marriage.
             Homosexuals have good reasons for wanting to marry. They don't want to marry to make people mad or start an argument. Homosexuals want to marry for the same reasons heterosexuals want to marry: love, companionship, shared interests, common goals, and to raise a family. Homosexuals want to feel emotionally and financially safe just like heterosexuals. If we deny homosexuals the right to marry, they will not have the automatic right to medical, legal or financial decisions on behalf of their partner. They won't be able to visit their partner in the intensive care unit of the hospital just because they are not "family." When in reality, the family is probably estranged from that person, hostile towards him/her, and may make decisions based on that hostility. Just because that person chose the homosexual path, probably beyond his or her control, he may not be guaranteed the right to medical help. Gays do not have a choice of whom they are attracted to, it is something that is deep within their soul, probably since birth. Also, many people believe that homosexuality is about nothing but sex. The reality is that homosexuality is multidimensional, and is much more about love and affection than it is about sex. Finally, if gay people are allowed to marry each other, they are no longer encouraged to marry people that they feel little attraction towards, people who they can't relate to sexually, and people that they say their final good-byes to in divorce court.

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