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Analysis of the life of Dr. Benjamin Franklin

            A philisophe of reputable brilliance and compelling complexity, Dr. Benjamin Franklin was a paradox of values in the eighteenth century society. He introduced scores of new, innovative thoughts and devices to the grateful peoples of the world. As a scientist, an odd sort of Christian and a renown, but casually sexual man, Franklin possessed the ability to manipulate and exploit the people and objects that were in connection with the aforementioned positions. These actions didn't go without notice by the common people, nor did it escape the attention of the gentry class; a class that Franklin had included himself in by sheer determination and a keen wit. A well-rounded figure, he was still not without his own faults and flaws.
             Best known for his scientific achievements, Dr. Franklin retained a curious mind and a resolve to expand upon any and every accomplishment he made. He was a brilliant man with a somewhat arrogant outlook toward life. This was a factor in his many conquests in the field of science, as well as elsewhere. Dr. Franklin was motivated by the unknown and the absolute overwhelming vastness that was carried along with it. "What good is a newborn baby?", quoted from him in retort to "What good is it?". From this, one can assume that there are so many possibilities in a newborn baby. Will it live? What will it become? Will it be a person that changes the economy, the society, the general way of life? In things such as shock therapy for palsy [a muscle paralysis], Dr. Franklin saw many of those similar possibilities. As a newborn baby needs guidance and care to be develop, this form of treatment needed to be tested and maneuvered into a possible cure. .
             Dr. Franklin was acclaimed as a popularizer of the Puritan virtues of frugality and morality, so what better than to invent and understand things that could possibly be useful? His invention of bifocals allowed for better vision to those who were unfortunate enough to have less than perfect vision.

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