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Intersections of Maria Rosa Henson's life

            The purpose of this paper is to examine the intersections of Maria's life and how they affected her life chances and choices. There were many interesting sides to Maria. There was a lot of just wife and mother, and some of her wartime ordeal within the character of Maria Rosa Henson. The relevance of early influences especially that of the Japanese military are discussed to prove how these factors affected the personality and actions of Maria Rosa Henson to a certain extent. Julia, Maria's mother, is an important character discussed in this essay. She was the driving force behind Maria's experiences. .
             Maria Henson has long been seen as an amazingly strong woman who paved the way for other women to share the secrets as a comfort woman. Another interpretation of the controversy surrounding Maria Henson asserts that she was simply a loving daughter whose charisma and personal ideas were misconstrued as an illegitimate daughter of a wealthy landowner. Since everyone in the barrio of Pampang knew this ordeal, it quickly gave Maria a problem with the other students. Although Maria Henson had been offended by comments made to her, the real motive for her schooling was to become a doctor and get the education that her mother (Julia) did not receive. Maria strongly stated to her classmate, "Who are you? "I asked. "Are you a saint from above who has come down to judge me?" (15). Maria's childhood was a definite factor in the development of an honest, courageous woman that she grew up to be. .
             Maria Henson was born on December 5, 1927 in the village of Pasay. Maria's father (Don Pepe) was a religious man who was respected greatly because he was a landowner. Because of his prestigious lifestyle, no one could know that Maria was his child. Maria's father did give money to her grandmother to support Maria's mother's entire family and had the family move to another village. Eventually, Maria's father met with her and explained his situation and why they can't meet in public.

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