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The Hot Zone Critique

            The story I read was called, The Hot Zone. The Hot Zone by Richard Preston is a non-fiction book. This book was great for me to read. I really enjoyed reading this novel because I learned from the experience. I became attached to this book. I really enjoyed reading this book because I felt the excitement in the story. I could feel like I was in the book and could feel the pain of others that were dying from the viruses. My emotions ranged from sadness to fear throughout the whole book. When I read this book, I felt that is was clearly stating the problem and what they were doing to try to solve it. When I read my book, I had to go to the dictionary sometimes. I used reading strategies while reading this book. I was using the chunking rule and was rereading. I think that this book was a little hard to read. There were some difficult words in the book but the story made you want to continue reading. .
             In The Hot Zone, the main characters were the viruses. The three viruses in the book were the Ebola Zaire virus, Marburg virus, and the Ebola Reston. The author, Richard Preston, did a great job describing what the virus did to people and how it progressed. The virus killed many people and 9 out of ten people infected died from this virus. The tenth person would get symptoms like the flu. The Ebola Reston is the virus that shows up throughout the whole book. Richard Preston kept my interest during the entire story. .
             My favorite parts of the book were in the beginning, when the author explained the details of what the person was like when he was sick and what was happening to their bodies. One of my other favorite parts in the book was when a monkey got loose in a building in the United States and it was infected with Ebola Zaire. They chased the monkey all over and could not catch him. He was a small male monkey that was in a rage. They finally caught the monkey and everyone felt so relieved.

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