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            Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Cinderfella who lived in Houston with his stepfather and his two stepbrothers. They treated him badly and he was their servant ever since his mother died when he was a little boy. He"d always dreamed of leaving there and marrying Kelly Rowland, but he doubted that it would ever happen.
             As he sat in his "corner" that was supposed to be a room, he heard his brother calling him. "Say Fella", yelled his brother Sean from his room from down the hall. "Fella" he yelled as he impatiently requested that his brother fix him a pork chop sandwich. "Yo Fella, bring my sandwich dog." "Yeah I bet", Cinderfella mumbled under his breath as he made his way down the narrow hall decorated (tackily) with portraits of his evil stepfamily. "Took long enough", his brother complained as the phone rang. "Hello", said Cinderfella, "It's Shaniqua", he said passing his brother the phone. No sooner than that, Cinderfella hears his name being called by his oldest stepbrother Jeremy. "Fella, check the mail for me", he says. In the mailbox Fella found a flyer that read .
             Calling all Pimps and Pimpettes in tha hood.
             Come one, Come all to Kelly's party.
             And listed below was the attire that was to be worn to the party. Though Cinderfella wanted to go, he knew that his father would tell him no, but he asked anyway. He ran into his stepfather's room and began to ask for his permission to go to the party. His stepfather looked at him for awhile, and began to roar with laughter so hard that tears began to well in his eyes. Cinderfella got angry and stormed out. His stepbrothers came out to see what all the laughter was about, and as soon as they learned of the party that was going to take place that night, they immediately went to the nearest mall to get some fly gear.
             Cinderfella was angry, and turned on the television to watch 106 and park on BET. While watching his favorite video, In Da Club, he suddenly heard the intro to "My Girl" by the Temptations, and David Ruffin of the Temptations appeared.

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