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Hydrotherapy Pool

             I was trying to achieve a mural that would appeal to all ages. I wanted everyone to enjoy looking at this mural from children to the elderly. We had to also limit our palette of colours that we looked at because the room we were working in is very hot and humid the colour of the room was suppost to bring the temp of the room down not make it feel more hot so we had to use cool colours and stay away from red oranges. We focussed on more of the cool colours like light yellows blues and greens they are much cooler colours the original colour of the room is grey. .
             When we first got this to do we had a practice run of doing a mural in the college this was to prepare us of how big a scale we would be working to. We just had to make a design at this point (not connected to the pool) anything we wanted in any colour and transfer it from our little piece of paper to the big wall. It was a lot harder than I had originally thought because we were all doing separate parts and we all had different ideas of how big things should be so the wall looked a bit silly this taught us that we should really do a rough outline of everything as a team before we start so that things looked in proportion to each other. After that we all discussed things before putting them on the wall. Space seemed to be a problem to we had all done things a bit too big and needed more space to fit things on. It was definitely a learning experience. Then we moved on to the specific plans for the pool. We had to make a design bearing in mind the people who would see it and the colours we could use. Our original design was this.
             We had decided that we wanted the back wall for our picture as we thought it would go best the wall we picked is shown below.
             There were three walls in total the sidewall at the door.
             And the side wall with the windows.
             It turned out that two groups ours and another group wanted the same wall. I can"t remember how but we lost that wall to the other team who wanted it.

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