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             The albatross is one of the most amazing creatures nature has brought into this world. There are about twenty different types of species and they have been rated to be one of the largest seabirds ever. Albatross's are known for their immense wingspans that range from five to twelve feet and it is unbelievable how petite their body structure is. Unfortunately where there is ignorance their is superstition. Sadly this large seabird with its incredible endurance of long flights had at some era symbolized a bad omen amongst sailors. Back in the early 1950's the albatross had an infamous reputation and despite superstition the killing of an albatross would bring permanent doom to the ship and its crew. Literature was filled with albatross superstitions and folklore. One fine example is the Rime of the Ancient Mariner written by Samuel Coleridge. Throughout this poem it emphasized that the death of the albatross was a terrible sin. The shooting of the albatross showed the Christian process of morality, divine judgment, redemption and divine forgiveness with nature for such atrocity. Like legends and myths such superstitions began out of ignorance and fairy tales. Nowadays these gorgeous birds have been studied closely by prestigious ornithologist that have updated us on the birds true aptitudes, qualities and wonders as there only a few left that wander our skies. .
             The taxonomy of albatross is very complex. Its common name is Albatross and its category is Birds. Its phylum and subphylum is Chordata and its class and subclass is Aves. Its order and suborder is Procellariiformes its family and subfamily is Diomediidae. Its genus and subgenus is Diomede its species is chlororhynchus and its scientific name is Diomedea Chlororhynchus.
             It is impossible for an albatross to survive in a place where there is little or no wind. Their habitats are located in the wind belt between the southern end of the austral continents and the Antarctic where high wind speeds are constant.

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