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1919 World Series Scandel

             It's 1919, the baseball season has come to an end, and the lives of many people are about to change. To some, greed and the lust for money becomes the American pastime, and baseball takes a back seat. .
             Three weeks prior to the 1919 Baseball World Series, Arnold "Chick" Gandil, Chicago White Sox first basemen, decided that he wanted to make some extra cash. He felt that despite the money he was making in baseball, it was not enough. Arnold Gandil decided that he was going to fix the 1919 World Series. In doing this he contacted Joseph Sullivan, a well-known gambler. After listening to Gandil's idea, Sullivan gave Arnold Rothstein a call. Arnold Rothstein was "The Big Bankroll." He was considered the most professional gambler by most newspapers. Rothstein was excited to when he found out about these plans for the scandal. He quickly notified his partner Nat Evans. Rothstein gladly gave Joseph Sullivan forty-thousand dollars to distribute among the players who would become involved in the scandal. (Facts)(Major Players).
             A day before the first game of the 1919 World Series, the Chicago White Sox vs. the Cincinnati Reds, (Black Sox Fix) Rothstein orders everyone that is involved to meet at the Sinton Hotel. They would meet in the room of pitcher of Eddie Cicotte. The players that are involved are pitchers Eddie Cicotte and Claude Williams, first baseman Arnold Gandil, shortstop Charles Risberg, third baseman George Weaver, left fielder "Shoeless Joe" Jackson, center fielder Oscar Felsch and a substitute player, Fred McMullen. (Asinof) Everyone attended the meeting except "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Arnold Rothstein. Before the meeting Rothstein told Abe Attell that Abe would be in charge. At this meeting the players and everyone else that was involved decided what games would be thrown. The players discussed for awhile, and they came up with a plan. They would lose the first two because Cicotte and Williams were both pitching.

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