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Visual Art and Internet Visual Identity System

             Today few people would deny that vision, or "sight? is as important a system of human communication and cultural expression as language. In fact, in the past thirty years, it has become a very common thing to point out the centrality of vision in contemporary and modern world.1 Western and, increasingly, global culture is dominated by visual images, whether material or virtual, and by visual experience.
             At the same time, new technologycomputer technology, has been developed fast in the last thirty years and since the late of 1980's, the Internet technology could be available for the mass society, millions of computers, modems and telephones around the world access to this "Information super-high Way? and use Internet to transmit all kinds of information. People can publish their work, develop their business, go shopping, take part in a collaboration which involves the people who are thousands miles apart from each other by using Internet. New technology changed our lifestyles and New Media- computer communication media has become "The Fourth mass Media?after newspaper, broadcast, television and united these traditional medias together.
             Because of the revolution of the information technology and the fast-growing of Internet, Visual Identity System extend its effect to this new field. Internet becomes the new position to communicate the information of corporation and the using of Visual Identity System is applied on Internet gradually. .
             For the difference between the traditional media and the Internet, Internet Visual Identity System has its own characteristics which make it distinct from the traditional Visual Identity System. The purpose of this paper is to examine the Internet Visual Identity System and to evaluate the using of Visual Identity System on Internet. The history and development of Visual Identity System and Corporate Identity System will first be present. Visual art in our age and the impact of visual art in our society will then be discribed.

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