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Paradise Lost

            Paradise Lost by John Milton is an epic that talks about a married couple named Adam and Eve that lives in a garden. John Milton wanted to make them as sort of hero types and not referring to the original Adam and Eve. This epic deals with temptations and making choices under pressure. Epics deal with the supernatural elements, warfare, and trips to the underworld. The climax of the epic is when Eve eats the fruit and things start to turn around. The epic begins with the fall of Satan to hell when defeated by God and Satan and his fallen angels began to plot a plan to get to Paradise Island and overthrow God. Satan wants to find a way to make Eve commit sin by taking one bite of an apple. Once Satan reaches Paradise Island, he transforms to different living things such as a bird, a serpent, and some other things. When Satan transforms into a bird, he sees Eve standing alone and approaches to her and talks to her and persuades her into eating an apple. Satan promised Eve that if she eats the fruit, she"d turn into a goddess. Eve tells Satan dreams she's been having about someone telling her to eat the fruit. Eve eats the fruit and realizes she has sinned and that God will punish her by putting her away and create a new Eve for Adam. When Eve thinks about this she tries and get Adam into eating the apple and at first Adam doesn't want any part of this and Eve persuades him more and more until he gives up and does what she ask for. They both committed sin and was trying to hide from God to avoid punishment. God eventually finds the both of them and throws them off the island. Adam starts blaming Eve for what has happened and they continue going back and forth saying the same thing and later on forgive one another. People are pressure on doing things that shouldn't be done and not thinking about the result of doing it and having people pressure you make things worse and eventually people will do what other people say because they have no choice.

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