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            "Ultimately Kelly has ruined her life by making the wrong choices.
             In the text "Ganglands" Kelly makes a number of good choices but also some bad choices. Her choices affected her life; they also shaped the rest of her life. However these decisions did not ruin her life.
             As Kelly goes through her journey into the real world she makes her own decisions and they do affect her life. Kelly does make her own decisions which do shape her whole future. During the story Kelly faces many choices as do we all during our lifetimes. Her choices are made generally on an emotional level, as can be seen during the break up of her parents" relationship. But choices through life need to made and I don't believe that Kelly did ruin her life by making the wrong choices in deciding to stay with her father. I believe this displays her strength of character and personality as well as the fact that she cares a lot about him. Kelly's decision to have a party and also to have a relationship with Con and be with him for the rest of her life were also choices that I do not believe ruined her life.
             Kelly's was forced to make a decision relating to her mother, brother and father a few years ago. Kelly had to decide where to stay with her father or go live with her mother and brother. Kelly chose to stay with her father because she thought that he needed someone to care him and her mother already had her brother to care for her. Because of her father drinking too much, Kelly was willing to look after him and demonstrated her strength of as a person through this. "Kelly been given a choice to either go with her mother or stay with her father and she had chosen to stay". (pg 102) This quote shows that Kelly did not want to live with her mother but she wanted to stay with her father instead and take care of him as he needed it. .
             The choice that Kelly made in staying with her father rather than her mother was a difficult choice that Kelly had to make but it didn't ruin her life, it only made her a stronger person and a responsible person by staying with her father.

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