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The many spects of Langston Hughes

             Langston Hughes, an author of many writings, uses his voice well, the most important tool an author has. To understand Langston Hughes, the reader must first understand the time-period he wrote in, and the movement he was a part of. Hughes was part of the "Harlem Renaissance," which refers to the work of black novelists and poets who lived in, or described, the Harlem district of New York City during the 1920's and early 1930's. Through this movement the voice of African Americans began to be heard and many opportunities were gained. Leaders such as Langston Hughes viewed the rut that African Americans as an opportunity for a change or a Renaissance. Langston Hughes was the most well rounded and influential author of this "Harlem Renaissance".
             The early life of Langston Hughes molded him into the author he has become. Although discouraged by family and friends Hughes was determined to become a writer. Hughes spent much of his youth in a broken home, often moving around. When Hughes was a boy he felt pressure when he went to church to be saved by Jesus Christ. When everybody in the church came forward to say they had been saved, Hughes was put in an awkward position. This ordeal is what broke Langston Hughes's initial faith in God. Hughes attended school in Kansas, Illinois, and graduated in Cleveland, Ohio. In the author's words, "He [Hughes] won an athletic letter in track and held offices in student council, and the American Civil Association" (Byers 18). Hughes is a man that will overcome adversity to do what he wants. Instead of using a rough family as an excuse, Hughes succeeded in school. Langston Hughes" success in his youth foreshadows the success he experiences during the remainder of his life. Once .
             Langston Hughes graduated from high school he wanted to see his father, who he had not seen in several years. After a conflict-filled visit with his father in Mexico, "Langston Hughes returned and began writing poetry of distinction" (Hughes 1).

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