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A Man For All Seasons- More

             "Examine the relationship between More and Alice. Compare the scenes in which they appear together for examples of pathos, affection and dramatic effect." In the play A Man For All Seasons, it became evident throughout the play that More and Alice are two very different people. More and Alice frequently argue, bicker and ultimately have different points of views on many different issues. It is not until the very end of the play when More and Alice finally come together and Alice begins to truly understand the reasoning behind More's incentive to go against the King's wishes and why he feels it is so important to stand up for what he believes in.
             More and Alice's relationship can only be defined as problematic. The majority of the time when they appear in scenes together, they tend to argue. Although it always seems to be Alice who instigates the argument, Thomas always tries to bring some comical relief into the situation. For instance, in Act One, Alice accuses Thomas of not flattering well but instead of snapping back he responds in a comical way, "I flatter very well. My recipes beginning to be widely copied. It's a basic syrup with just a soupcoup of discreet impudence" (Bolt 35). At this time we start to see the difference between Alice and More. We become a witness to the fact that Alice is high-maintenance and tends to like everything her way whereas More is fairly humourous and easy going. Alice's self-centered personality surfaces once again in Act Two when Thomas resigns as chancellor and tells Alice to fire some of the servants because they won"t be needing .
             their service and furthermore won"t be able to afford them. Alice once again gets into a huff and becomes angry with Thomas. In this scene we become more aware that Alice is materialistic, selfish, self-centered and is only comfortable living a rich life. Ultimately More and Alice have very different values and this is the main reason why they fight so often.

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