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Critique of Common Sense by Thomas Paine

             The political pamphlet, Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine had a great influence over the fight for the independence of the American Colonies. The book gives numerous reasons for the colonists to declare their freedom for Britain. Two of the most important reasons are the view of government being a necessary evil and the inevitability of American independence. .
             Thomas Paine presented many arguments and pieces of information that support his cause for American independence. Paine supported his assertion that government is an unavoidable evil by saying that society is formed out of our desires, whereas government is formed by our "wickedness". He also states that any sufferings of a citizen are equivalent to those that would be suffered by a person with no government. Through out the pamphlet Paine advances the idea that the American colonies are bound to separate from Britain. He defends his position by pointing out that after Britain repealed the Stamp Act due to colonial disapproval, Parliament established new taxes on a larger scale a few years later. It is incidents like this that lead Pain to believe America can never live happily under Britain. .
             Common Sense reveals many of the grievances and issues the people of the colonies held against Britain. It also helps to encompass the ideals and mentality that many of the colonial patriots must have held. The American Pageant, Encarta Encyclopedia, and Brian Phillips of theadvocates.org all agree that the issues and points Paine discusses are historically accurate and that Common Sense is one of the most significant factors contributing to the start of the Revolutionary War. However, Paine was not unbiased is his creation of Common Sense. He specifically argued for American independence and gave only information that would persuade the reader to agree with him. His pamphlet makes it clear that he was not fond of the English system of government or their control over the colonies.

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