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Democracy, George Orwell, and Individualism

            The American government was created on righteous morals created out of the ashes of governments of the past that had failed such as, Romans, the Greeks, and the Egyptians. Many great and brilliant minds were put together to come up with a government based around, liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. The one problem that emerged is that which we all have, we are all human. Humans seem to have many weaknesses, and these weaknesses are normal and that is how humans were developed. Over our lifetime we develop: greed, power, lust, hate, deceitfulness, and betrayal. Since humans created this supposedly perfect government, and run it, then how can those just morals be applied? Since the beginning of Democracy, the United States have had normal occurrences with problems as like many other countries, but the problem is that the United States is unjustly spreading this so-called perfect government, and forcing others countries that we have "freed" to adopt Democracy. These other countries should have a choice, and who are we to say, "This is how it should be!" By forcing and ruling the people of the world with censorship and brainwashing, we have built ourselves up to the image of "Big Brother" (George Orwell, 1984), which is a thought controlling power ruled by a Dictatorship and covered up by a equality facade through censorship. I believe the statement written by Mr. Zernone is very true because the wars and foreign policies, that we have just learned, all have some little detail about forcing countries to accept Democracy. Once many wars were concluded the United States tried to put in a strict set of laws much like our own, the ideal behind Democracy are not bad, but what is bad is forcing countries to adapt rules without a choice, or severe consequences will take place. If we are to make sure another war doesn't happen the one thing we should do is to let the countries grow independently and to choose for themselves.

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