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Endangered Animals: Ocelot

             The rainforest used to cover over 15% of the earth's surface. With the ongoing destruction of many of the world's rainforests they now cover less then 7% of the earth's surface. One of the negative things about the destruction of the rainforest is that many animals, like the Ocelot, are becoming endangered. .
             The ocelot is a wild cat that is often called a tiger cat. It has a body length of about 55 to 100 cm long. It has a tail length of about 30 to 45 cm long. It is often bright yellow with black spots and stripes. Or it may have a reddish and gray colored coat with black spots and stripes. The Ocelot's stomach is often white and has black spots. The Ocelot is a medium wild cat that can become a domestic cat if raised with people from a young age. The Ocelot only lives about 10-13 years in the wild.
             The Ocelot can live in many different habitats. They live in every country south of the United Sates except for Chile. Within the United States the Ocelots have been found in northern Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The Ocelot can live in many kinds of places like savannas, grasslands, pastures and tropical forests of all kinds. They often live in elevation zones below 1,200 meters. .
             The Ocelot eats a wide selection of food. They go out at night to hunt for their pray. They are nocturnal hunters. They eat mostly mice, wood rats, rabbits, snakes, lizards, birds, young deer, and monkeys. They are very adaptable to many surrounding and quite good at being creative when it comes to catching their prey. For example, the Ocelots live at the floor of the forest however they sometimes climb in the trees to catch some of there pray. .
             As of today the Ocelot is on the United States animal endangered list. They have been added on to this list because of their beautiful fur. From 1976 to 1983 more then 24,000 Ocelot were killed for the fur trading business. There are countries that have banned hunting of the Ocelot.

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