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Why Socrates did not escape death

            I will argue that Socrates" reasons for not escaping, which are to show that he is a responsible person, to show Crito what is beneficial and not always pleasurable is wise and to make a point of his death that without him the democracy of Athens will fall, were wise because wisdom is essentially three things: knowing that you know not, knowing the right questions to ask, and putting care of the mind before care of the body.
             First we have to look at the definition of wisdom and all that it entails. The first part, knowing that you know not, sounds contradictory to what the average person would think is the definition of wisdom, but, it isn't. When one really believes that he knows nothing then one is at a place where they are looking for answers. He won't get stuck in his own ignorance and therefore mature. The second part of the definition, knowing the right questions to ask, is there because this means that one will not become blinded or persuaded by orators. This also implies that a wise person is disciplined because it takes a lot of patience and hard work to keep questioning someone or something until you reach a truthful conclusion. The third part of the definition, care of the mind should go before care of the body, is there because your mind controls your body. Also you body is just the exterior, your appearance, that doesn't matter, what matters is what is on the inside and the type of person you are. If you are a good wise person then all of exterior will fall into place. .
             The first reason Socrates didn't escape was because he is a responsible person. A wise person is also a responsible one. Responsibility can be defined as ones ability to respond, especially to the why question of ones action. For example, if Person A throws a ball at Person B's head. Most likely Person B is going to ask Person A why he did that. The most common response to that is like, "I felt like it.

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