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Puerto Rico and Dance

            The Island of Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbeans most exctic island.
             rich culture whose origins can be traced back to the Tiano Indians, Spanish and West.
             African roots. Puerto Ricans are very proud people. They use soulful music and exotic.
             drinks to express their love towards Puerto Rico . There are two main products that the.
             Island is known to produce, which is Rum and Music.
             Rum is the National drink of Puerto Rico. People that live and visit the Island can.
             buy it almost anywhere. The Island is also the worlds leading rum producer.
             Eighty-percent of rum consumed in the United States is from Puerto Rico. According to.
             Jan Rogozinski the author of A Brief History Of The Caribbean " Sugar was brought.
             from Europe to the Caribbean with the very first Spanish epedition. Columbus carrided.
             cane from the Canaries to Hispaniola in 1493." ( 51 ) Rum is made from sugarcane, which.
             didn't exist in the Caribbean before Christopher Columbus first voyage to the Islands. .
             Historians believe that Ponce de Leon introduced the drink to Puerto Rico in the.
             early 1500's during his governorship. As sugarcane plantations began to form around.
             the Island, rum production began. Today people use rum all over the Caribbean. For.
             example: Coquito and Mamajuana are used to celebrate holidays like New Years Eve,.
             Christmas and Three Kings Day.
             Another method of celebrating is through the art of music. Puerto Ricans are very.
             soulful people. They use music to express the way they feel towards their Island. Puerto.
             Ricos music culture stems from a combination of African percussions and poetry. Salsa is.
             one kind of music that Puerto Ricans use during celebration. .
             According to Vernon W. Boggs the author of "Salsiology: Afro-Cuban Music.
             and the Evolution of Salsa in New York City" "Salsa is a Latin American music that.
             originated in New York as a result of the mixture of afro caribbean music brought by the.
             Latinos." Salsa is a major type of music coming out of Puerto Rico.

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