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Terry Fox: Marathon Of Hope

             Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, but raised in Port Coquitlam, B. Terrance Stanley Fox was going to become a legacy of Canada and no one would ever forget him. An active, good looking teen that had so many things going for him. Was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of eighteen. These caused him to have his leg cut off six inches above the knee and get a fake leg. While in the hospital it dawned on Terry that he was not the only one who was suffering with cancer, but so many other people too. He was around people of all different ages. From a couple of months old to people in there nineties. That is when Terry decided he wanted to make a difference. He was going to run across Canada. Terry's exact words were "Somewhere the hurting has to stop." On April 12th, 1980 Terry dipped his artificial foot into the Atlantic Ocean and the "Marathon of Hope" began. Terry's dream to make it across Canada was cut short in Thunder Bay due to cancer of the lungs. Terry stopped his run on September 1st 1980, and dies less then a year later on June 28th 1981. Terry died one month before his 23rd birthday. So although he didn't make it across Canada he made it far enough for people to realize that cancer was affected us. Not just Terry but a lot of people. Terry didn't want wealth or fame; he wanted people to understand the affects of this disease. .

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