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             Celebrities don’t have the privacy an ordinary person has. The most personal details of their lives are splashed all over the front pages of the National Enquirer and the Globe. Even a celebrity’s family is hauled into the spotlight. When celebrities try to do things normal people do, like eat out or attend a football game, they run the risk of being interrupted by thoughtless autograph hounds, or mobbed by aggressive fans.
             One of the biggest disadvantages of being a celebrity is that personal details about you get spread around the world. It doesn’t matter if the details are from your past or present, critics exaggerate those details, and make them known to the world. The information that gets spread tends to make people form strong opinions on the celebrity. For example Cameron Diaz was caught before she became famous in her younger years, on a nude beach, taking her clothes off. Of coarse she was taking her clothes off, it was a nude beach, and anyway who should really care about something like that. Well critics do, and the newspaper love printing things like that. Critics, and newspapers can definitely hurt ones image, especially when trying to go somewhere in the entertainment world. I believe if critics got as wrapped up in their own worlds as they do celebrities, they would be better people. They might not feel the need to spread ones secrets to the world. .
             I think it is too bad that celebrity’s family gets dragged into the spotlight. All though they might be Julia Roberts mother, or George Clooney’s daughter, they are still people. They do become a celebrity in some way just by being related to one, but they might not want to be one. The spotlight seems to shine most on family when the celebrity has a secret, is getting married, is having a baby, or is doing something critics do not approve of. Even though it is not a good reason to bothering a celebrity’s family, that is how the world gets their gossip on a celebrity.

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