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Is The Current Movie Rating System Fair?

            Most parents do not want their children exposed to sex, drugs, violence, and language until they are mature enough to handle these things. Thus the MPAA movie rating system was created, and it is a warning that informs viewers of the content of the film. As I"m sure you already know, the scale is G, PG, PG-13, R, & NC-17, with G being the most family-friendly, and NC-17 not family friendly at all. As a parent myself, I pay attention to what movie or TV program my kids will be watching. Movies have changed from when I was a kid my daughter's age; the movie industry is showing a lot more in them from when I remember. I remember when the most I had to deal with was some foul language and a little nudity. Now those days are gone and with almost everything and anything is allowed. There are some observers who think that the current movie rating system is unfair, but my experience and observation tells me this is not the case. The reality is the current movie rating system is fair, as it provide a valuable service to a lot of people who wish to protect their children.
             As I have already mentioned, the movie rating system was created as a warning to inform viewers of the content of films. While this is the case, there are many observers who believe that the current rating system is unfair. They tend to use two arguments to get their point across: society dictates what is in the movie and the movie industry has become very generous with the ratings they have been giving them out over the last ten years. Observers say that in today's world the movies seem to be imitating life, and that if this is so, then the ratings system should change to adapt to this. I say that if that is the case, then the ratings system is fair as there is now more stuff being said or shown than in the past. Back when I was a teenager, at best you might see a little nudity now, you can see full frontal nudity at anytime.

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