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Everyman summary

            As the story of Everyman opens, Everyman is not entertaining thoughts of.
             On the contrary, his mind is on fleshly lusts and treasures. In fact, .
             Everyman does not know who Death is or what his reason is for approaching. .
             He does not want to accompany Death to his eternal home, so he offers.
             to give Death a thousand pounds for one more day on earth. Death, however,.
             responds that he does not set by silver, gold, or riches. Next, Everyman .
             attempted to evade Death by requesting a twelve year respite, in order to.
             make his counting book perfect and no longer fear Death. Death replies that .
             his time to go is now because of Adam's sin, and no man can escape Death.
             at any time. .
             Finally, Everyman's last act on earth is to test his friends, to see which.
             will accompany him to heaven. Everyman ponder over which man to make his.
             moan to accompany him on the heavy journey. Finally, he decides to consult.
             Good-Deeds, though she is weak and can neither "go nor speak." Good-Deeds.
             agrees to go with Everyman immediately on his journey to heaven, yet she cannot.
             stand before God with Everyman. She insists that she is unable to assist Everyman.
             in his time of need, much to Everyman's demise. Good-Deeds tells Everyman that.
             he should have had his book of account ready for this very day; and consequently, .
             she cannot help him with it now. Meanwhile, Everyman assumes he is damned .
             forever, though Good-Deeds recommendds consulting with her friend, Knowledge.
             Knowledge and Good-Deeds convince Everyman that beauty, strength,.
             and discretion on this earth are worthless. They teach him that paying off his debts.
             on this earth is but vanity and unneccessary for the future that he is to take part in.
             He believes that good deeds will get him to heaven and make God proud of his.
             life here on earth. As Everyman ascends into heaven, he is greeted by an Angel .
             who takes him into Heaven. She tells him it is all due to his singular virtue: good.
             deeds. .
             As the story closes in the epilogue, the narrator who is a Doctor tells the.

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