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Hip Hop Censership

             In all forms of media today, there is some kind of censorship. This censorship is to hide vulgar language, violence, nudity, and other things people feel to be influential or wrong for certain people to see or hear. Many different groups fight and argue to impose more censorship on music, television shows, movies, and anything that children might encounter. When censorship is placed on the media, it totally changes it and can ruin the message that is trying to be sent. Censorship is like a handicap on the media and really does no good. Musical artists, movie directors, or any other type of media producers should be able to have anything said or done on the production and not be censored for television or the radio. The hip-hop music industry is being hit hard with censorship on the songs and video's that are being produced. Parental advisory stickers and censorship on the songs and videos for these songs are ruining the image and the music of the hip-hop culture. A rating system should be placed on the albums and songs, but they should not be able to censor the artist's work.
             Hip-hop music like all other forms of music is a form of art. It is a unique type of music based on a beat and lyrics flowing along with the beat. The hip-hop industry does not receive the respect and credit that it deserves and is actually given a bad image. Most criticism comes from the older generations that don't even listen to the music. People grow up to a different types of music and that's understandable. This does not give anyone a reason to criticize the music of our generation. People try to blame violence, drug use, and other bad things on hip hop music. Though it does contain lyrics that contain all of this the music cant make someone go out and kill someone or do drugs. The same people that criticize this music listened to people like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton who were two of the best guitar players ever, but both had major drug problems.

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